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Welcome to Challenge Accepted!  We are the beating heart of Horde based PvP on the US-Bleeding Hollow server.  Our be one of the best PvP guilds on the server (if not THE best).  We have a wonderful core group of members and new people joining every day.  Our Rated Battleground groups are making fast progress with Group 1 nearing 2000 Rating and Group 2 getting started at 1500.  We PvP every single day.  Randoms, Arenas, RBGs, World PvP and our favorite...Premade BGs from within the guild.  With a large Ventrilo server and members always online, you will quikcly find yourself among friends and having a blast!  I am hoping to update this site with pictures, videos and various types of entertaining gems from the interwebz.  Hope to see you in game!  And if PvP is in your blood, you are most welcome at

Challenge Accepted!


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